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LEAF Schools & Streets, the local arts education organization, brings The Megaphone Project to the Wesley Grant Southside Community Center. In cooperation with Asheville City Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department, The Megaphone Project will be installed at the Wesley Grant Center for school field trips, the local neighborhood residents and the local arts community for three days, May 1-3.

The Megaphone Project is an interactive sound field, and as an installation allows people to discover a game of sound and physical play: a world of private and public broadcast. Eighteen striking red megaphones of different shapes and sizes recreate the miracle of wireless tincan telephones, and the joyful manipulations of voices that are naturally reinforced through simple acoustics. Voices then mysteriously and ambiguously return via our custom wireless audio network.

The megaphones create an interactive performance field for both the public and the artists. In the field of megaphones, the audience creates a lively environment of play and enjoyment that is all their own invention.

Asheville students, artists and residents can enjoy this unique interactive installation over three days at the Wesley Grant Center. Schools and centers should contact to reserve a spot for field trips. There is a minimal cost of $1 per youth for school field trips. Local community members and artists are invited for free.

Image link for red megaphone.


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