Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville is getting ready to open a new cat cafe in Asheville, and it wants your help in naming it. From Brother Wolf on Facebook:

Attention Brother Wolf supporters: Meow is your time to shine! We are looking for an inventive name for our Cat Cafe. Please write your creative suggestions in the comments below! The winner will be chosen on March 31st and will receive a special edition Cat Cafe shirt! * we ask that ideas are original and don’t pose copyright infringement risks.

Brother Wolf has yet to reveal the new location of the cat cafe, which will be part coffee shop and part cat adoption center. A Brother Wolf spokeswoman has said that a downtown location for an adoption center could significantly boost cat adoptions.

Here are some of the names that have already been suggested:

Catnip Cafe” is our submission.

Whiskers and Pause Cat Cafe

Bitz and Bites Cat Cafe

Cat Tails (or tales) Cafe

Purrcolate, Purrcolated, or, The Purrcolator!

The purrrrrfect place kitty cafe

Kitty or Cat Cafe

The Caffeinated Cat.

Catatude cafe…kitties kitchen…

Cup o’ Cat or Cup N’ Cat

KittyKat Cafe (or Kafe)

Old Possum’s Practical Cat-fe

Whiskerstop Cafe

The Catenated Cafe

Meeowtime Cafe

Cat got your tongue?

Please don’t swing the cat

Caramba! Coffee and Cats!

Cats on Caffeine

Caffeinated Cats

Cats in the Belfry

The Sippin’ Kitten!

The Catastic Cafe

The Cat’s Meow

CATfeinated Cafe

Cat-atonic Cafe

Kit-Kat Club

It’s so laid back and relax how bout Garfield?

The Alleycat Cafe

The Purfect Blend

Kitty Kanteen

Catnip Cafe

The Furr-n-Purr

The Cat’s Meow Cafe

Cat’s Cradle


The Kitty Klatch

Kitty Corner

Coffee Cats



  1. I like the suggested “Purrcolator” or “The Perk & Purr”

  2. Disgusting or health code violation.

  3. Vincent’s Ear Mites

  4. Christopher Perella says:

    The meowse trap

  5. Cafe Poussez

  6. I love the Whiskerstop Café suggestion, seriously awesome.. a perfect nod to a great movie

  7. The Perk N Purr

  8. Plutocats



  9. Marcianne Miller says:


  10. I second “Meowzers”


    “Mister Meows Coffee Haus”

  11. I second “Meowzers”


    “Mister Meow’s Coffee Haus”

  12. Arlene Cornwell says:

    Fab Feline Cafe
    Kitty Kup

  13. Battle Cat…

  14. Chillax Catfè

  15. Javanese

    (It’s a type of cat)

  16. “Sister Cheshire”
    I was going to suggest “Sister Kitty” too, but apparently a thrift store in South Carolina got there first 🙁

  17. Good Karma Cat Cafe

  18. I want to suggest “Le Cafe en Fourrure”after the great surrealist art piece “Le Déjeuner en fourrure” by Merrit Oppenheimer!

  19. Roast ‘n Rescue Cafe

  20. Catsville Cafe

  21. Carafe & a Cat

  22. Nora Daniel says:

    Cat’s Cradle

  23. Holy Sh*t! Cats!

  24. Calico Cafe

  25. Also, The Litter Box 🙂

  26. I came up with SOOO many…some are inappropriate…but (other than Purrcolater , which I also came up with and love), I think we have a winner!!! Wait for it…

    Take Paws

    So, it’s a double entendre: Take Pause, meaning to rest, relax, contemplate, ponder, as one might do over a morning cuppa joe, or it can literally mean to TAKE PAWS (with you when you go)!

    I also like Pause for the Cause (or Paws for the Cause) and Catfe, The Asheville Purrk (or just Purrk), and CatAstrophe, just because it sounds so Asheville and Coffee-Shoppy.

  27. Karen Beijer says:

    Kibbles and beans

  28. Debra Michaels says:

    Feline Good Cafe

  29. Catty Cup

  30. Feline Encephalatte’s

  31. Caté

    Tabby & Joe

    The Litterhouse & Coffeebox

    Kitty Kitty Coffee Shop

    Hello Coffee

    The Feline Bean

  32. Kim Hundertmark says:

    Purrrfect Cup Cafe

  33. April Sessoms and Steve Alford says:

    Clowder (Which is a group of cats)

  34. The Caffeinated kitten
    The cats meow
    Kitty cafe

  35. Felines on the Fritz

  36. Judi Basskin says:

    Catacomb Alley Cat Cafe
    and Adoption Center

  37. Meowtain cafe
    The puuurcolator

  38. Meowsers

  39. Kendra Barrow says:

    Purrsonality Cafe

  40. Kendra Barrow says:

    Paws and Shine Cafe

  41. 9 Lives Coffee

  42. cappussino or catppucino

  43. Coffee Right Meow!

  44. Whiskers & Beans

  45. Feline Great Cafe

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