The local TV news station, fronted by Scott Wickersham and company,  have had a couple of high-larious stories recently. I just couldn’t resist:

Mary of the Wood

The first was about a couple of good ‘ol boy Maggie Valley woodcarvers who claim they’ve seen Mary in a chunk of wood they were carving. It wasn’t nearly as convincing as the Mary visage found under a highway bypass a week or so ago. Nor does it compare to the famous Mary of the Toast. Still, it’s our little claim to fame.

Excommunicated Democrats

The second story today was about a church in Waynesville that had excommunicated all 10 or so of its Democrats.  It all started last October in the heat of election season. The preacher told all present one Sunday to stand up and declare their support for George Bush. If they supported John Kerry, the preacher said, that meant they supported abortion and they needed to come to the altar, repent and go for Bush.

Well, now the church has made its move by excommunicating about 10 people who have been members of the church for decades. And the preacher said he’d continue to call out Democrats to stand before him and God and repent.

This takes church politricks to a whole new level.



  1. “Lynne Cheney, Condi Rice, Karen Hughes and I went to Chippendales.” – Laura Bush

    Question? Would not those who attend male stripper joints also be excommunicated or would they get a free pass for belonging to the right party? LOL.

    Had enough of institutional relgion? Consider a church in your home.

  2. The Real Pooty the cat says:

    Bow down before Wickersham!

  3. If I was that church I think I would start fretting over losing tax-exempt status.
    Wait, it’s Haywood County… sorrry

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