hannah_flannagans_2014Hannah Flannagan’s is moving from its downtown Asheville location on Biltmore Avenue. Hannah Flannagan’s reports the move on its Facebook page:

New Years Eve will be our last night until we relocate! Come out and bid us farewell. We will be having awesome drink specials and champagne at midnight. Come out and show your support for one of downtown’s oldest bars!

We are looking in to a couple of undisclosed locations. We will keep everyone up to date.

I reported in September that the Hannah Flannagan’s space was up for lease. It looks like the building owner may have found a new renter. More as I get it.

Thanks to loyal reader Jen for the heads-up.



  1. The owners should not bother relocating if they run the new bar the same as this location. There was a time Hannah’s was decent but that was 10 or 12 years ago.

  2. Hope they come back soon. Not exactly one of my favorites but they’re entirely decent and not overpriced in ALL aspects like Jack of the Wood.

    • You get what you pay for. It was a dump and that’s why is is closing—-as folks got more choice they voted with their feet.

  3. Was walking down Biltmore Ave today, as much as I didn’t really care for this bar, it took me by surprise when I saw the tables and chairs being loaded on to a truck. It has been there for quite some time.

  4. That place needs to be o’condemned

  5. Definitely one of the favorites from “the old days” in downtown…

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