Actor Bruce Campbell, best known for his role in the Evil Dead movie franchise, has recently been using his social media platform to call attention to bad pedestrian and bicycle pathways in municipalities he’s visiting. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Campbell used Twitter to point out some bad sidewalks in Asheville. Campbell has nearly half a million followers on Twitter.

Campbell made his intentions clear starting in mid-November with this tweet:

I’m starting a new thing here. It’s time to shame municipalities for lousy and/or unsafe walking and biking conditions within their jurisdiction. First up, “the blob that ate the sidewalk,” suburban Atlanta. Join me in posting your faves.

Last week, Campbell posted a handful of photos and tweets pointing to some of Asheville’s less-than-desirable sidewalk sections. Here’s one:

Calling out a crappy sidewalk in Asheville, NC today. Titled, “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!”

Campbell’s disdain for the city’s poor pedestrian infrastructure was somewhat mitigated by a beautiful sunset. Here’s what he posted on Nov. 22:

Ugly sidewalks, beautiful sunsets. Nailed it, Asheville, NC.





  1. Wait… Bruce Campbell was in Asheville!! How could my super-fan senses not detect it?!!!

  2. Way to go Bruce. You are doing the lord’s work by pointing out dated infrastructure. Congratulations, keep up the good work. So inspiring….

    in other news, there’s some pot holes on Patton Ave.

  3. (drag & drop)

  4. You can no more shame Ashghanistan than you can humble Donald Trump.

  5. Got to agree with him there. Between the cracks, polls, and other obstructions along with the total lack of sidewalks in other areas, I always wondered how our elderly or disabled population get around at all.

    • What are “polls”?

    • Blind people can’t make sense and figure out why there are so many obstructions on Asheville sidewalks, huge problem that our city looks the other way as they’re not faced with that danger! I can’t imagine someone on a wheelchair trying to make the obstacles either, very maddening!

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