Just in time for Halloween! Found today in the $1 bin at Downtown Books & News: What seems to be a Stephen King sales receipt from 1998 with the author’s signature.

From Downtown Books & News on Facebook:

Here’s the sales slip close up:

The 1996 Best American Short Stories collection doesn’t have a King story. Anyone have a guess as to what collection was sold? Downtown Books and News says it was the Prize Stories 1996: The O. Henry Awards collection, which contains King’s “The Man in the Black Suit,” the first-prize winning story that year.

Updated: Some Stephen King signatures from zen. Compare for yourself!

Updated again: And Vicky Pinney confirms it. In an unbelieavable coincidence, it looks like the owner of the bookstore in Sarasota where King bought his book is now an Ashevillean. What a great Asheville story!

Pup Art was my store in Sarasota. The day Stephen King came into the shop I was reading a New Yorker that had one of his short stories and I asked him to sign that for me. I thought I had given the magazine and the charge slip to my stepson. He lives in Los Angeles! How did that find its way to Asheville? And how odd that I am here now too.


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  1. Brenda Bruce-Austin says:

    This is too awesome! However, I sure hope this isn’t another “Christine!” 🙂

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