Some knowledgeable Brewgrass tips from our friends at Beer City Guide, a website devoted to Asheville and WNC beer.

Brewgrass sold out months ago but happens this weekend, and if you really want a ticket, there’s always a few extras to be had.

  • Don’t: Think you can still buy tickets through traditional means. Brewgrass sold out almost immediately months ago.
  • Do: Try to go anyway if you really want to. As of this writing, many tickets were available on Craigslist. You will also have a good chance outside the gate from people trying to unload extras on the day of the festival (you’ll also probably get a better deal).
  • Don’t: Try to drink every beer. It seems like a reachable goal when they hand you that little glass, but you cannot. Trust us.
  • Do: Figure out how you’re going to get home. ‘Cause driving yourself isn’t an option.
  • Don’t: Drive yourself home. See above.
  • Do: Bring a chair. Seven hours is a long time to stand.
  • Don’t: Be afraid to try something new. You can drink a Highland Gaelic or Pisgah Pale any time you want. You’ve come this far in your craft beer journey to wuss out now.
  • Do: Be respectful of property outside the festival. Complaints about garbage and other types of vandalism in the neighborhood around the park were at an all-time high last year. People, it’s stuff like that that gives drinking a bad name. Grow up already.
  • Don’t: Be impatient. There will be lines. Use the time to make friends, not act like you’re at the mall on Dec. 23.
  • Do: Get a nice buzz.
  • Don’t: Lose control and make a fool of yourself.
  • Do: Have fun. Done right, this could be the best day of your year.

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  1. Do: Wear a friggin shirt, no one wants to see your fat sweaty man-boobs, let alone be pushed up against them in line.

  2. Also DO put on sunscreen. There’s little to no shade at the park, so it is imperative to protect yourself from getting a sunburn!

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