537820_436216429782429_1656188335_nThe Cre’perie & Cafe is set to open on Jan. 18 at 113 N. Main St. in downtown Weaverville. The restaurant is coming along nicely. Check out the Cre’perie & Cafe’s page on FB for updates. More:

Family owned & operated,unique & quirky enviroment located near Asheville, homemade crepes, panini’s and sodas,Locally roasted Naturally Grown Freely Traded coffee, Vintage boutique, local wine & beer, Featuring local musicians and artists,Downtown Weaverville on Main Street

44666_428558910548181_283978294_nThe cre’perie is a project by the Leonard family. More:

We are the Leonard family. Jake, Ellie, Stephanie and Cuyler Leonard. We hail from the South Western area of Florida, Fort Myers to be exact. We are very excited about our move to WNC and making Weaverville our home. We look forward to meeting all the friendly faces in our new community.

The cre’perie is looking for entertainment to hire. More:


Local bands, musicians, vocalist, sketch artist and live entertainment FOR HIRE.

Please email creperieandcafeofweaverville@gmail.com


Include availability, type of entertainment and genre

Please provide an online sample. Please share with musican friends!!



  1. Weaverville is hot relatively speaking….la caretta,zaxbys,steaknsheak,glass onion,jack of hearts. All new in 2012. Established regional players will succeed in weaverville. It’s the first dose of commercial reality for folk to the north and west, thus Loews and Walmart…could use an outback or longhorn steak off the highway.

  2. I wish these folks great luck, but you have to question the wisdom of opening a: 1)seemingly niche business; 2)in a small downtown; 3) in a location within that small downtown that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic; 4) by non-locals. Yikes.

    • Thanks for establishing your business here in Weaverville, we could use a shot of culture. Hey locals lets not be scared of “outsiders” as if we’re being invaded by aliens. The Leonard family has a rich background of culinary experience. C’ est magnifique!

  3. Monty Phillips says:

    What is with the weird spelling?

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