Ashvegas: The City You Love. The News You Want.Sunday night, the Charlotte-based band Young and In the Way used a Super Soaker to spray  a massive amount of pig’s blood around the backroom music venue at the Lexington Avenue Brewery. The gastropub has been closed for clean-up ever since. The brewery/restaurant/music room is losing thousands of dollars in revenue, and its workers have been idled.

To help LAB get back on its feet, I’m holding a little contest here: leave your most creative name for a beer inspired by the bloodbath, and Ashvegas will give you a $75 gift certificate to the LAB. The point is not to make light of a terribly costly incident, but to help get the place back up on its feet. I haven’t talked to Mike from the LAB yet, but who knows – he might take the winning name and actually put the winning name to a beer.

Folks on Twitter on Tuesday night have already started. Here are a few:

Pig’s Blood Pale Ale

Pig Latin Stout

Bloody Bacon Ale



  1. Red Wedding

  2. Blood Pollution (think movie “Rock Star”)

  3. Hemoglobin hefeweizen!

  4. At least we’re not The Station Stout

  5. “This little Piggy closed a business”

  6. Bloody Snout Stout
    Sanguine Swine Barley Wine
    Cesspool of Swine Ale

  7. Bloody Hogger Lager
    Bloody Porker Porter

  8. Chris Power says:

    Summer Blood Orange Saison
    Bacon Maple Porter
    Clean up Lawnmower Pilsner
    We’ll Never Book Young and In the Way again IPA
    Super Soaker Wit
    Band from Helles Bock

  9. Porky’s Red Ale of Doom

  10. Farm to Face Red Ale

  11. Jennifer Saylor says:

    Prom Queen Carrie Imperial Red Ale

  12. Another Mediocre LAB Beer

  13. TIFFANY NARRON says:

    Insidious Swine

  14. Dumbass Dark

  15. call it “The Shining”

  16. Prom Night Red IPA

  17. GWAR Lite

  18. Bloody Sunday

  19. boatrocker says:

    I love it- from outrage to name a beer after it contest- that is so Asheville- never a dull moment here.

  20. No Porking on the Dancefloor Porter

  21. Blithering Idiot IPA
    Common Sense ESB
    Healthy Respect Ale
    Who’d-a-thunk Stout

  22. Soo Wee Stout
    Babe Brown Ale
    Here Piggy Piggy Pale Ale
    Porky Pig Porter

  23. Call it “We can’t really play IPA”
    Those who can play, play. Those who can’t throw blood. Just ask Alice Cooper.

  24. War Pigs Red Ale
    Like A Stuck Pig IPA
    BLASP (Bleed Like A Stuck Pig) Porter
    Hogzilla Smoked Porter (if 12 Bones is ok with it)
    That’ll Do Pig Pale
    Porky’s Revenge IPA
    Miss Piggy’s Red Ale

  25. Wee Heavy Metal Red Ale
    Slaughterhouse 5 (ABV)

    okay, I’ll stop now.

  26. Douche Bag Stunt IPA

  27. Sanguine Swine

  28. This Little Piggy Had a Bad Day IPA

    Pass the Peroxide Pilsner

    Like a Stuck Hog Lager

  29. Deliverance [whatever kind of beer]

  30. Lord of the Flies Piggy Piggy Porter

  31. Boared to Death Red Ale
    Snout Stout

  32. Hogger Lager

  33. Blood Curdling Snout (stout)
    Blood Alcohol Level
    Blood-Borne Disease

  34. Barleyswine

  35. Nathan suggests: Squeal Like a Pig IPA

  36. Bloody snout stout.

  37. LAB Scab Stout
    Metal Anguish IPA
    Lawsuit By The Pint
    Idiot’s Ale

  38. Spray of Pigs (IPA)

  39. Wilbur’s Revenge Rauchbier

  40. Jennifer Saylor says:

    Young and In the Way Small Claims Court IPA

  41. Mike Healy doesn’t give a shit about his staff Lager.

  42. Jennifer Saylor says:

    Hardcore Metal Misleading Rider Stout

  43. Or we could let this stupid stunt fade into the past where it belongs…I’m pretty sure that the LAB would like to get past this and not dwell on their employees being out of work and the company losing money. Much less spending more money to make a beer memorializing said stupid stunt.

    • ashevillain says:

      :slow clap:

    • Or they could turn things around now and use it to MAKE money, couldn’t they? Not to glorify a bad thing but take advantage of a crappy situation and use it for their benefit? I’d buy it in support of The Lab recouping some of their loss.

  44. Hog Wild (Red Ale). Put it right next to Buck Mild on the menu, assign it a deep red hue (like Eleanor’s Rye) and serve it with a slice of dried bacon.

  45. Swine Brew (Swine Flu, get it?)
    Pork Porter
    Pot Belly Pale Ale
    Razorback Red
    Snout Stout
    Bacon Bock
    Pork Chop Pilsner
    Ham Hops

  46. Carrie Ale
    Slaughtered Pig Pilsner
    Bloody Swine Brown
    Schweineblut Schwarzbier
    Blackenend Crust Blood Stout
    Boudin Saison
    There Will Be Blood Lager

  47. Young Blood Ale
    Bloody Hell Ale
    Bloodbath Laugh Ale
    Dead Red Ale
    Bloody Lab Ale

  48. WTF, Ale
    You’ve Got to be kidding me, Ale
    Who the F*ck sprays pig’s blood, Ale
    Farking Morons, Ale
    Really?, Ale
    Stupid SOB, Ale
    Read the Contract/Ge a Contract, Ale

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