Ashvegas: The City You Love. The News You Want.Sunday night, the Charlotte-based band Young and In the Way used a Super Soaker to spray  a massive amount of pig’s blood around the backroom music venue at the Lexington Avenue Brewery. The gastropub has been closed for clean-up ever since. The brewery/restaurant/music room is losing thousands of dollars in revenue, and its workers have been idled.

To help LAB get back on its feet, I’m holding a little contest here: leave your most creative name for a beer inspired by the bloodbath, and Ashvegas will give you a $75 gift certificate to the LAB. The point is not to make light of a terribly costly incident, but to help get the place back up on its feet. I haven’t talked to Mike from the LAB yet, but who knows – he might take the winning name and actually put the winning name to a beer.

Folks on Twitter on Tuesday night have already started. Here are a few:

Pig’s Blood Pale Ale

Pig Latin Stout

Bloody Bacon Ale



  1. Butcher’s Bock

  2. Pig latin porter

  3. How about an IPA called “Insufferable Porcine Agony”

  4. Matt Sullo says:

    Swine Flu

  5. Porky’s Revenge

  6. Phil Lingle says:

    Blood bath and beyond
    Blood bath and beyond bock

  7. Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better! Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better!!… SQUEAALL!! Stout

  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday Stout
    Carrie’ s Cherry Prom Ale
    Sanguine Saison
    Bloodbath Sour

  9. Jenny Bowen says:

    Pig Snout Stout

    Piglet Pilsner

    This Little Piggy Pilsner

    Porky Porter

    The Hoppy Hog

    The Belgian Boar

    Dr. Swine Stein

    I can’t even drink beer but this was fun. 🙂

  10. Super-Soaker Red

  11. mountaingoat says:

    bloody hell porter

  12. doghaus28815 says:

    disgusting display of really bad management red rye ale

  13. bob smith-jones says:

    dumbshit beer

  14. Sarah Thomas says:

    Piggy plasma pale ale

  15. Sarah Thomas says:

    A positive pale ale

  16. Cornelia Hendershot says:

    OINK !

  17. Jason Moore says:

    slaughterhouse suds

  18. Jason Moore says:

    Bacon Boilermaker

  19. Jason Moore says:

    -Bloody Bitter Batter
    -Bloody Brain Hammer

  20. Jason Moore says:

    Hepatitis hops

  21. Jason Moore says:

    -Hog Heaven
    -Hemotoxin red ale

  22. Douchebag Swine-Spray Porter

  23. Lexington Avenue Bloody Ale

  24. Dumb and in the Wrong Ale.

    Just use their bathrooms and ask for directions to the Wicked Weed Stout.

  25. Splatter Doesn’t Matter

  26. To bad it’s just a beer, Swine Wine would rock

  27. avilleplayer says:

    “Pork Soda”

  28. Vein Poppin’ Porter

  29. Blood Sweat’n Beer

  30. Jonathan Wainscott says:

    Bad Idea Lager

  31. Lardon LAB Lager

    Red Swine Stout

    Porcine Pilsner

  32. john gudites says:

    oinkerous PBA (pigs blood ale)
    big ‘ol sow stout
    my bloody porkentine (red ale)
    that’ll do pig

  33. Blood Sweat n’ Beers

  34. Foothills Dweller says:

    LAB-or-a-gory Red Ale

  35. Tom Williams says:

    Three Notched Ear Beer
    Cloven Hoof Hoppy
    Swine Swill
    Bristle Back
    Smoke House Ale
    Pathogens Porter
    Slick Floor Fossey
    Paint The Town Red
    O Positive

  36. Rteri Ale
    Crime Scene
    Pig Sticker Pils
    Straw House Red

  37. Charlotte’s Red IPA

  38. Hogwash

    When Pig’s Blood Fly

  39. Pretty Mouth IPA
    Miss Piggy Memorial Saison
    Bleeding Boar Red Ale

  40. Jason Biggs says:

    Hogwash IPA

  41. Aunt Flo’s Brown Ale

  42. Cheri Swigart says:

    Hog Juice

  43. Tyler Smith says:

    Three Little Pigs Fairytale Red Ale

  44. Miss Piggy’s Period Porter

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