CompostNowHere’s the update on CompostNow’s Alesha. Background here

Hey Jason,

Just wanted to update you and see if you could help get the word out once again! In December, I reached out to you regarding a residential composting initiative for Asheville. I’m happy to report that 4.5 months later…

Asheville is Compostable.

That’s right. Thanks to overwhelming local support, CompostNow will be officially launching their services on May 1 to help local residents keep nutrients in the community and divert food scraps and other compostable materials from the landfill.

The service will start up May 1st with a launch party scheduled for May 7 (time and place TBD). The first 50 people to sign up will be recognized as Founding Members and receive a “NC is Compostable” free T-shirt.

Why compost with a home pickup service? You get all the benefits of diverting waste and creating healthy soil without the unpleasant smells or wild animals. We compost your garbage. You earn compost.

Start doorstep composting for less than $8/week and help make Asheville compostable.

Sign up here.

**Calling all Community Gardens** CompostNow wants to help! Please contact if you’d like to partner up and receive free composted soil. Learn more here.”

We’re going to have a launch party on May 7 at Asheville Brewing on Coxe Rd as a thank you to all of our supporters and to celebrate starting up service here. Here’s the Facebook event page.




  1. How does this business model differ from Danny Dumpster?

    • Danny’s Dumpster is on a commercial scale- working with mostly restaurants to compost their food scraps and other compostables. With CompostNow, individual households will have the same kind of service available to them and the ability to earn back the composted soil! Helps get individuals composting to keep the movement going and growing.

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