From my story about the LaZoom bus in today’s Asheville Citizen-Times:

Over the last six years, the LaZoom’s merry cast of performers — and giggling riders — have become part of the fabric of Asheville’s vibrant downtown scene. So, too, has LaZoom’s distinctive purple bus, complete with rococo-inspired gold moldings that set off the windows.

That bus has been well-used, so owners Jim and Jen Lauzon recently bought a second bus that will hit city streets in about a week. The arrival of the new bus marks a milestone in one of Asheville’s zaniest small businesses. …

The LaZoom comedy bus tour will celebrate the addition of a new bus in typical fashion — with a rolling party. Join owners Jim and Jen Lauzon beginning at 4 p.m. Nov. 5 at Dirty Jack’s on Buxton Street for a 25-minute ride on their new purple flagship.



  1. I know this is blog-formatting minutia, but I just want to once more recommend that you not include information in the “header” paragraph for each post that is not mirrored in the post itself. For this entry, the “header” text refers to an afternooon party on November 5th, but when you click through to the full entry there’s no mention of it at all, and no way to tell if the header information might have been invalidated or updated or changed. Seems a little confusing to me . . .

  2. Congrats La Zoom!
    You all have a great business and I am so glad to see you doing well, keep up the great work!

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