Update: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s Denise Blitz reports that the 18 dogs and 5 cats that it received over the weekend are doing well. The animals had minor health issues and are being fostered, but Brother Wolf could use donations of dog and cat food, or donations of money, Bitz said.

The dogs were Yorkies and Shih Tzu, and the cats were Persians. The cats were most in need, according to Bitz. The cats’ hair was matted over and had fleas, ear mites, eye infections and respiratory infections. The dogs had fleas and ear infections, Blitz said.

Original post: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue took in 23 puppies and kittens over the weekend that were rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Rutherford County. The U.S. Humane Society moved in with local law enforcement officials on Friday to remove about 60 animals from the home of a woman who was charged with animal cruelty in 2002 and was selling animals online, according to the Charlotte Observer.

More from the Charlotte Observer:

Rescuers found small breed dogs and puppies living in feces and filth and suffering from matted fur and skin, eye and ear infections.

The Humane Society of Charlotte was scheduled to bring back 23 dogs, primarily adults but some puppies, including Shih tzu, yorkies, maltese and dachshunds. The animals will be examined by teams of veterinarians and receive immediate care.

“The dogs and puppies brought to the shelter will be provided with the proper care, love and attention they deserve while they await adoption into loving homes,” said Jorge Ortega of the Humane Society of Charlotte.



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