Here’s the note I received from loyal reader John:


What have you heard about the closing of Books and Breadboard down in Biltmore Village. The place has been emptied – a sign says closed – and their website says it because they were not able to renew their lease.

This was a great place, and highly rated. I am wondering though about it being right next to Ruth Chris’ Steak House which is pressed for parking and if this had anything to do with the lease not being renewed.


The restaurant website says it is “temporarily closed” due to non-renewal of lease. We’ll check and get more detail.


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  1. Lisa Maynard-Bible says:

    I went there this past weekend too, and was disappointed they were not open. I really hope they reopen somewhere, it was a great place! I am very suspicious of the fact that Ruth’s Chris is now open when this happens, because of the parking issue.

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