Black Mountain, a little town just east of Ashvegas, claims a celeb of a different sort. That would be Deanna Allen, a National Guard soldier who got the boot after some embarrassing photos were published in a New York tabloid.

Stationed at Camp Bucca, she was captured on film and video tape having a blast in a mud wrestling competition some of the guys apparently set up. She aslo proudly flashed her jumblies for all to see.

The tabloids dubbed it “Camp Crazy” and said the soldiers were drunk, leering and cheering. Here’s the story. A “wild mud-wrestling sexcapade,” is the way some have described it.

For that, the Pentagon gave her the boot. After all, it hasn’t been that long since the whole Abu Grahib fiasco. (As a matter of fact, USA Today reports that Lyndie England will plead guilty today to abusing prisoners.)

Well, Deanna had her first TV interview last week. Inside Edition got the scoop. It was apparently all fun and games at the time, but now Deanna says she felt pressured into participating because her superiors organized the party and told her nobody would get into trouble. One line from the interview: “When asked why the antics happened, Allen said, “We just wanted to blow off some steam. That’s all.”

The problem with Allen’s story is that other women at the party left. And then there’s the actual photo of Allen, which shows her smiling wildly as she lifts her T-shirt.

From the story:
Deanna Allen, a 19-year-old prison guard with the 105th MP Battalion, smiled and lifted her T-shirt. Photos show a man standing close to her and leering at her breasts while another G.I. snaps pictures.

“From what I understand they dared her to do it,” said Allen’s grandmother, Luci Tomlin, in Black Mountain, N.C. “It was a loose moment. She is a strong-headed young lady. Sometimes she can be a little irrational.”


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