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On Beaver Lake

On Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake hasn’t changed much over the years – that’s why I like it. The sentinel trees. The stacked canoes. The trail filled with dog-walkers and day-meditators. It’s a nice little retreat. You forget about the shopping center shoving its shoulder into one end of the bucolic little setting, and the sad little strip malls starting further north up Merrimon.[Read More…]

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My Beautiful Launderette

My Beautiful Launderette

One of the lonliest places to be on or near Valentine’s Day is a laundromat. The one I visited today – this morning, actually – was filled with three or four very forlorn looking men. They look lonely. They wash plaid shirts. They pump quarters into a video poker machine to pass the time. They stare at the washers and[Read More…]

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Getting off the ground

Welcome to Ashvegas. We’re just getting off the ground, so please bear with us.

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Welcome to Ashvegas

It’s a cold and windy night, but I’m ensconced in the Blue Room, working away on what is sure to be one incredible weblog. We’ve got lots of plans. Blogging about the vagaries of life in Asheville, the daily commute over the Smoky Park Bridge, who knows what else. We look forward to having you come visit often.

by February 11, 2005 1 comment Asheville News