harristeet1An Ashvegas reader says the Harris Teeter location on Merrimon can be yours for $9.7 million. That comes just a few days after we noted the Charlotte Observer’s report that Harris Teeter, the company, is up for sale. That story speculated that a supermarket competitor might buy the company, or that a private equity firm might.

Who knows. Meantime, construction continues apace on the new Trader Joe’s grocery store, which is growing up right next door to the Harris Teeter location.



  1. MATTHEWS, N.C. — Harris Teeter officials may give more details on a possible sale at the company’s annual shareholders meeting Thursday morning in Matthews. The company confirmed last week that it hired JP Morgan Chase to work with them on a sale.

    Officials said they were approached by two private equity firms about purchasing the company but that they aren’t sure whether the discussions will lead to a sale.

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  2. If the area is large enough, it would be nice place to have a COSTCO in Avl.

  3. Publix isn’t scared of Ingles – back in the day, both owners had a gentleman’s agreement that neither would horn in on each other’s territory. Now that both CEOs are gone, all bets are off. That’s why Publix is entering the NC market with a vengeance. They swooped up to Fort Mill and Indianland in no time, and now they’re going to build the first Charlotte store around the Ballantyne area, plus put a whopping distribution center somewhere in the Charlotte area. They’ve even said on their website that NC is the number one requested state for wanting new stores. They will thrive here.

    • Agree completely with everything Laura says here. Would also add if any supermarket chain has the capacity to truly challenge Ingles in WNC, it would be Publix.

  4. This is madness. 🙂

  5. Can anybody give us the lowdown here? Are they still building the store on Merrimon? Will it be something else if it is built?

  6. Harris Teeters in other cities fit the surroundings and sometimes they are two story to save space. Yes the one on H-Ville Road looked like an Ingles from the 60s but they made due with that old shopping center. A new one would have been nice and a great fit for the upper middle class off Merrimon Road.

    Now there is speculation on a new buyer. Kroger? Ha, that would be one big eye sore. Publix would do a better job but they are scared of Ingles. I have a feeling it will be a department type store like Big Lots on Airport Road. How about them apples.

  7. Does that mean the site is for sale? That Harris Teeter is not going to complete the store?

  8. Dumbasses. You’d think someone could have foreseen a Corp sale prior to the construction of this new store. Selling an entire company of this size is hardly an impulse decision.

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