Asheville-Terpsicorps-Dance-photography-by-Zaire-Kacz-008-TiCelebrate Terpsicorps! Press release here:

Terpsicorps, the untraditional ballet company who brings Asheville unique and theatrical professional dance every summer is celebrating their 10th Anniversary! Utilizing renowned dance artists from some of the best ballet companies in the US and Canada, shows like “Vampyre”, “The Scarlet Letter”, “The Rite of Spring” and “Alice” have made Terpsicorps’ shows one of Asheville’s most beloved annual events.

Premiering June 27-29, 2013, Terpsicorps’ newest project, “Reborn”, is a bold new ballet brought to life with the fresh energy of a new decade. Inspired by the birth of choreographer Heather Maloy’s son, a series of company photographs by Zaire Kacz and quite literally a giant box of burgundy panty hose; this piece will follow seven stages of life, told in part through the use of re-purposed materials. New life is given to the objects as we look at the human experience from the womb to death, reward after struggle, the processes and miracles of life. This is an opportunity to collaborate with several talented visual artists, including local fashion designer R. Brooke Priddy, as the choreographer delves deeply into the fast paced technical movement quality that defines Terpsicorps.

Venezuelan photographer, Zaire Kacz, has embraced a bold new aesthetic with these breathtaking images of dancers. Primarily a fashion photographer, she was inspired by the beauty and athleticism of these artists and created a series with them using paper as both fashion and prop. The result was ethereal in its simplicity and depth. Two summers ago, Maloy created a piece in progress while at the National Choreographer’s Initiative in Southern California using burgundy pantyhose woven together to create a quilt that covered the stage. The dancers were in it, under it and above it. The effect was impressive, but the piece itself was only the beginning of something, Maloy just didn’t know what. After the birth of her son, and seeing the images by Kacz, it all became clear. This is the womb, and this is the collective consciousness. “Reborn” will begin and end with this image, a dancer floating seemingly weightless atop this giant undulating quilt of life. The meat of the piece will utilize repurposed paper, wood, fabric, architectural artifacts and more to tell its poignant, thought provoking and often humorous tale. Music of many styles and genres will also be employed. A different dancer will be the focus of each scene, helping to broaden the audience’s view. This does not represent one person’s journey, but the universal human experience.

Photography courtesy of Zaire Kacz.


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