burial_beer_scythe_2014The owners of Burial Beer on Asheville’s South Slope are on the hunt for a second location, but there’s been no decision made about that location, says Doug Reiser, who owns Burial with his wife, Jess. A social media post earlier in the week set off a wave of speculation.

Resiser has been in search of another location almost since Burial first opened about two-and-a-half years ago as a tiny tap room on Collier Avenue in the heart of Asheville’s South Slope. Since then, the location and its beer production has steadily grown. Demand has also grown as Burial Beer has garnered more and more accolades for the quality of its beers.

Reiser originally harbored the idea of opening a brewery on a farm setting. Reiser says he’s begun to let go of that dream, in part because of the difficulty and expense of finding a location, as well as the fact that there are already at least a couple such breweries already in the works around Asheville.

After looking at dozens of locations, Reiser says he’s still searching. He’ll let Burial Beer fans know as soon as he’s locked a spot down.



  1. Would love to see something closer to the East Side of town, or down around French Broad Brewery. Lots of possible locations on Sweeten Creek there.

  2. What about the corner of Merrimon and Ottari where the old North AVL Exxon station was?

  3. Cameron Newton says:

    a couple of farm setting breweries already in the works around Asheville? That’s exciting, anyone have details?

  4. How about the empty space in DT Weaverville that used to be a dry cleaners?

    • Dry cleaning spots are one of the worst locations to take over. There is a very probable chance that they are contaminated with dry cleaning chemicals and would involve expensive clean up. Not ideal for a brewery or any food product producer.

  5. how about taking over one of the many run down spots further down patton, or smokey park hwy!

  6. Not to be a jerk, but how is twin leaf doing? They could take over that spot

  7. brian anderson says:

    please come to east asheville!!!!

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