Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 11.20.37 AMAsheville Pinball Museum is coming soon to the first floor space of the Battery Park Apartments. You love vintage pinball machines? Then this is your place. Word is there will be an entry fee, then you get unlimited play on the machines. More to come.



  1. Brian Kirk says:

    There better be a “Fireball” machine in there …

  2. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a shit hole like Asheville Arcade. If they insist on customers behaving themselves, this could be a really cool place.

  3. I request “Magic City” and (if video games are part of the mix) “Marble Madness”. Along with a Highland Gaelic.

  4. This is going to be amazing!!!! Can’t wait till they open.

  5. Brandy DiBella says:

    Hello! I’m 1 of the owners of APM. We applied for our ABC license this morning so we’re hoping to & planning on selling beers, non-alcohol beverages & snack type foods. Spread the word! We’d be ever so grateful! Thanks for the interest!

  6. Right. Beer: They should feature a different AVL Brewery each night of the month. (are we up to 30 yet?)

  7. Patrick Hefner says:

    Yes! Kicking it old school!

  8. Do they sell beer?

  9. Tilt!!!!

  10. this is great news!! as a pinball aficionado this is awesome.

  11. oh…



    Someone up there has been listening all this time.

  12. YES!!!!!! YES!!!!

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