Updated 6/29: WLOS shares that the person who stole a keyboard, synthesizer and other equipment from local band Sonmi has been caught.

20-year-old Megan Cody was caught on video selling the equipment at Cashmasters on Merrimon. Band members had alerted stores in the area about the theft, and Cashmasters was on the lookout for their musical equipment.

Cody sold $2000 worth of electronic music equipment for $15.

“It’s huge for us, to get it back,” said the band, who with its equipment back is now ready to play an important gig this summer at a major electronic music festival, Camp Bisco.

Fans and supporters had donated to an equipiment- replacement fund for for the band, who said the monies raised will instead go to the Bob Moog Foundation and the Asheville Music School.

View the WLOS video here: Woman Charged With Stealing Local Band’s Gear


Here’s the info from Michael McBride, a member of the band Sonmi Suite, which performed Wednesday night in downtown Asheville, and friend Molly Kummerle. McBride’s gear was stolen out of McBride’s car parked at Meadows Apartments on Leicester Highway.

From Michael:

Thank you so much for reaching out! It was an Akai 88key Midi Controller, Dave Smith Prophet 08 Table Top, Focusrite Saffire Audio Interface, Grey back pack full of 1/4″ cables/mixer/sustain pedal.

From Molly:

STOLEN GEAR – After the Sonmi show last night, an analog synth and an 81 key MIDI controller were stolen out of Michael McBride / Peripheral’s car, parked at the Meadows Apartments off of Leicester Hwy. This is a huge part of our live sound, as well as his other projects & original material; not to mention that it’s really uncool to steal a musician’s instruments. Any help in the matter is much appreciated!





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  2. $15? That’s crazy.


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