the_aquarium_film_asheville_2014Jethro Waters, an Asheville filmmaker, is asking the public for $5,000 to help him fund an independent film called The Aquarium that will feature several West Asheville musicians. Waters has teamed up with Harvest Records and The Mothlight, which will serve as locations for the film, which will be made in the style of magical realism.

Waters says “the film will be a pretty wild ride, a few storylines tied together through magical realism. Angel Olsen, Eric Slick from Dr. Dog, River Whyless, and a bunch of other local musicians are all part of the cast.”

Part of the impetus for making the film is to capture the talents of the West Asheville music scene, Waters says. “You have all these artists who are friends supporting each other and orbiting each other; there’s a wonderful exchange of ideas happening.” Waters adds that he’ll be turning to the musicians to help him score the film.

Waters works on video production at Soomo Learning in Asheville. He grew up in Austin and moved to North Carolina in the mid 1990s. He says his intention as always to go to film school – he’s been making shorts with friends for years – but he ended up joining a band and touring for six year. At UNC Asheville, he was an international studies student who fell in love with Portugal. He ended up filming a documentary in Lisbon.

Waters says he’s excited about his project which will “show off this collective of inspired people, and capture some of what West Asheville is right now.”

Click here to visit Jethro Water’s Kickstarter page for The Aquarium.



  1. Yeah, what’s with that photo?

  2. Not sure that a picture of a guy laying in bed watching TV in the middle of the day is going to motivate people to give.

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