Congrats to the organizers for a fun new event. The con was Saturday at the Cellular Center, and included art, geeky craft, costumed fans (Iron Man, Boba Fett, Doctor Who), artists, art, comics, games, costume contests and more.

Get your geek on: Asheville Comic Expo 2012

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Countdown to Asheville Comic Expo Part 3opticscene
I’m excited about going to a comic book convention in Asheville tomorrow. Does that make me a nerd? #Ohwell #sorrynotsorryCaitlain McGuire
RT @jrome58: Asheville comic expo. A little show where fans do it big #ACE
That comic con and Oktoberfest are happening simultaneously in asheville is too perfect.Alli Marshall
For all the pictures of Wolverine playing cards, you rarely see him play Magic #ACE Asheville Comic Expo Whitley
Catwoman’s pearls look familiar… #ACE Asheville Comic Expo Whitley
From Asheville comic Con Jiwicky
Asheville comic expo…. Was awesome.Pat Lee
RT @jrome58: Little did the Doctor know that comics are made of wood #ACE Asheville comic expo
asheville comic expo
RT @jrome58: World’s cutest Wonder Woman at Asheville Comic Expo #ACE #avlpicsAsk Asheville


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