wainscott_new_ belgium_skinny_dip_video_2015Jonathan Wainscott, a West Asheville resident who announced Friday he’s running for Asheville City Council year, had already earned a reputation as a bit of a loose cannon during his campaign two years ago. Wainscott got into a heated exchange with incumbent City Councilman Cecil Bothwell during a candidate forum that folks have been referencing ever since.

Now it looks like Wainscott is picking up right where he left off. In a new two-minute video, Wainscott is seen standing in his backyard, with New Belgium’s new brewery under construction in the distance. During his 2013 run, Wainscott was a vocal critic of the neighborhood impacts – noise, truck traffic, odor – the brewery would have on his neighborhood. Wainscott introduces himself and notes that he has more to say about New Belgium.

With a New Belgium “Skinny Dip” seasonal brew as a prop, Wainscott gets all worked up about multi-modal transportation, tourism and other campaign buzzwords. Check it.



  1. This guy lives directly across the street from my friend who has a little girl. Their neighbor lives directly across the street from him also has a little girl, and he did this out in his yard? In the middle of the day??
    The video below shows him naked in the yard acting like he is playing guitar along with his wife! Neither display proper parenting skills IMO!!


    • You don’t think that’s an appropriate way of celebrating your kids first day of preschool? And here I thought all good parents did stuff like this. All the more reason to legalize drugs.

  2. You know this guy lives directly across the street from two little girls!

  3. Do not understand why so many are making excuses for or amused at this guys vulgar display to communicate or has the population of Asheville gone so far to the gutter that this is what works. Disgusting and not fit to lead anything.

  4. James erick says:

    Moron, What can you say?

  5. Forget this, dude! NOT BEER CITY! We are taking it back.

  6. Hunter Crombie says:

    Looks legit….

  7. Wow – so he’s going for less than 8% of the vote this time?

    To be fair to him, I don’t think this video has any bearing on whether or not he can be a good parent, this is just a poor attempt at humor to me. However, it does show the level of seriousness he’s bringing to the campaign, and at this point doesn’t seem like someone I’d want making decisions for my city.

    • Hmmm…Seeme like his wife left him for domestic abuse. He violated a restraining order. He apparently likes to smoke a bunch of dope, and now the masturbation video. Yeah. I’m thinking Father off the Year. A good divorce attorney will have a field day. It was foolish for him to even announce his candidacy.

      • Harry, you missed my point. I didn’t say father of the year. To reiterate: I don’t think this here video has anything to do with being a good parent or spouse; just a poor sense of humor. Making fun of political issues in Asheville and a mock-ejaculation just doesn’t seem like someone I want representing my city.

        Now, restraining order, domestic violence, doobies . . . yes, all of that starts to add up to questionable parent/spouse material.

  8. Well I’d suppose we’d be better off being a plastic spatula producing town or making pharmaceuticals? This is fast world privilege at its finest…

  9. So, tourism = bad? New Belgium = bad? Is this guy fighting to make Asheville better or fit some idyllic wet dream that never was?

  10. mountainman1979 says:

    This will help him get his kids back…

  11. Now all we need is for Shad Marsh to run for mayor.

  12. Finally, someone who makes Ukiah Morrison look normal.

  13. Wow, releasing a “comedic” video that is spectacularly unhelpful to his political campaign and his current legal and marital situation as his first move out of the gate? I have a bad feeling that this is going to get a lot more theatrical and self-destructive before the election.

  14. What a fool. Hopefully his wife’s divorce attorney sees this. Dope smoking lunatic shouldn’t be anywhere near children.

  15. william e. carter says:

    what an idiot. should be arrested. let me do this in front of his children or mother or sister and see what he says then.again what an idiot.

  16. I have no idea how to react to this video, but given Mr. Wainscott’s explosive behavior on a Facebook group with nearly 15k Asheville residents that degraded into him calling a number of admins of the page fat asses and other not so mature comments, I think he’s missing the part of politics where SOMEONE has to like you in order for you to win an election…
    The question at this point is not whether or not he cares what anyone thinks, but whether or not he’s fallen off the wagon…

  17. He’s a real up and cummer but I think he just shot off his chances at getting elected.

  18. Not only was the subject matter put forth childish and moronic its was incredibly poorly delivered. thats the worst impression of self love I have ever seen. What an ass hat

  19. Broadway Barney says:

    Now if we can only convince “Brother Christopher” to make another run for mayor.

  20. He’ll fit right in.

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