ed_helms_2013Just got this note from loyal reader Jay over at High Five coffee bar down on Broadway.

Just served up Ed Helms from the Office, hangover, etc…

He and a couple of other somehow familiar faces came into high five coffee and got iced coffees and a cortado. Seemed like pretty decent fellows.


Thanks Jay! More on Helms from wikipedia:




  1. I saw Ed Helms and company getting their WOD on at HEW (Hard Exercise Works), JibJab, Burpees, Climbing the High Rope, BumpBell Press, Clean Sweeps, Face Lifts, Butt Thrusts…. Staying Pumped!

  2. He and his friends came for beer at the Monk also. They chose well and obviously have good beer palates.

  3. Helms was on Conan not long ago and was not funny at all, I mean painfully unfunny, dude needed some serious help getting laughs.

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