mandy_patinkin_2013Loyal readers Carol and Carrie both reported to me over the weekend that they spotted actor Mandy Patinkin in downtown Asheville. Carol spotted Patinkin in the window at Posana Cafe on Pack Square. Carrie said Patinkin was sitting behind her at the Fine Arts for the night showing of Mud.

Patinkin is starring in Showtime’s Homeland, which has been filming in Charlotte. There were reports that Homeland shot a few scenes last fall in Barnardsville. Patinkin is also famously remembered for his role in The Princess Bride.

Image link for Mandy Patinkin.



  1. Khaloh, my name is Inigo Montoya, you a killa my father. Prepare to die.

  2. Mr Patinkin is reportedly in Raleigh filming a TV show according to the Raleigh paper

  3. Mandy and his wife were also seen in the River Arts District at Gallery Mugen in the Cotton Mill Studios late Monday afternoon.

  4. I don’t remember seeing this here – did you know local actor Michael MacCauley was in a scene with Patinkin on Homeland last season? His credit was simply “Man”. Hoping he’ll make some return appearances this season.

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