One more note on Andie, then I’ll shut it.

Andie and Rosie were on TV last night – did you catch it? One of those Hallmark Hall of Fame, made for TV specials, just in time for the beginning of sweeps. OK, I didn’t see it either.

But Andie is one of Ashvegas’ finest, so I figured I had to mention it. She even gave an interview to the Citizen-Times. The Q&As were pretty pedestrian, but I love the photo that ran with it – a picture of Andie behind a camera, like she’s the one hunting celebrity, not the other way around.

Last week, Ashvegas was filled with celebrities. Kevin Costner was golfing at The Cliffs with Jack Nicholaus and Catherine Bell and Brad Daugherty and Wayne Gretsky and others.

Once again the Citizen-Times was the beneficiary of the spotlight’s glow. Check out this Q&A with the guy.

Finally, Stedman Graham was in town for a high-dollar diversity workshop at the Crest Center. Stedman, of Oprah fame, also gave the CT time for Qs and As. Check it out.

Whew. I guess all that star power will be enough for awhile. But you never know. Rumors still persist that Steven Spielberg has purchased the top floor of the new Battery Park condos going up in downtown Ashvegas. I’m still looking to confirm that one.


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