WLOS reported on Monday that pop superstar Jennifer Lopez was spotted recently relaxing at the Omni Grove Park Inn with her boyfriend, Casper Smart. Smart is an actor and choreographer who has a role in the remake of Dirty Dancing, which is being shot this spring around Western North Carolina. Here’s what was posted on a Jennifer Lopez Twitter feed:

Chillin in #NC with Beau #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/dlPc1YGCjl

Here’s the same photo on Smart’s Instagram feed.

What else has been happening with the Dirty Dancing crew? Here’s a quick look:

Actress Abigail Breslin, who is cast as Baby, celebrated her birthday on the Dirty Dancing set. Here’s what she tweeted on April 14:

spending my bday the best way possible, working on #DirtyDancing… No way I’d rather be celebrating

Breslin is on Instagram here.

Actress Debra Messing, who is cast as Baby’s mother, was getting dance lessons recently. She posted a video on Twitter.

Actress Sarah Hyland, cast as Lisa, posted the following photo on Instagram.

The Asheville food truck Java Up reported yesterday that they were on set, serving cast and crew.

Right now!!! Right now!!! ‪#‎JavaUp‬ is serving on the set for the FILMING OF ‪#‎DIRTYDANCING‬ motion movie!!!! This is the official remake of the movie.
We’ve met quite a few actors, actresses and crew!!!
So exciting.

Correction April 20: Jennifer Lopez was spotted at the Omni Grove Park Inn, not Jennifer Lawrence, as origninally stated in the opening paragraph.



  1. Jennifer Lopez dating a man 18 years younger her. Love it. Nobody says a damn thing when it’s a man who dates a women 20 or 30 years younger, so please. Don’t be sexist. Obviously, her boyfriend sees more than her age. He sees her inner and outer beauty and loves her for who and what she is, regardless of her age. I wish nothing but good things for this beautiful couple.

  2. I wouldn’t even have known that was her.

  3. The correction clears it up: “Correction April 20: Jennifer Lopez was spotted at the Omni Grove Park Inn, not Jennifer Lopez, as origninally stated in the opening paragraph.”

  4. Those Latinos and Caucasians all look alike! Lol

  5. JLaw, JLo. Same thing, right?

  6. Jason, is it JLo or Jennifer Lawrence? *sigh*

  7. Jennifer Lopez not Lawrence….

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