the_zombies_2014Ashvegas is partnering with The Orange Peel music venue for a series of ticket-give-aways. It’s the Peel’s way of thanking its fans who have supported the venue through the years and last year made The Orange Peel the top ticket-selling venue in the Southeast according to Pollstar.

Here’s the press release:

Brit-rockers The Zombies invade Asheville Tuesday, April 15th at the Orange Peel downtown.
Here’s your chance to win tickets, courtesy of Ashvegas and the Orange Peel! Leave a comment on this blog post to be entered to win.
The Zombies formed in 1961 and soon after became one of the biggest bands of the British Rock Invasion that hit the States in the 60s. The band’s first big hit, “She’s Not There” was released it in 1964, and was followed by other smashes like “Tell Her No,” “I Love You,” and their biggest hit, “Time of The Season”.
More than 50 years later, the band is back with original lead vocalist and songwriter Colin Bluntstone and original keyboardist, vocalist, and main songwriter Rod Argent heading up the tour. 
Fans of garage rock and rock n’ roll in general are in for a treat!. Tickets can be purchased at the Orange Peel’s website:


  1. I love The Zombies, please pick me!

  2. Please, please pick me and my husband! I have always loved The Zombies and have never seen them play. Please pick us!

  3. Congratulations to loyal reader Lincoln, the winner. Stay tuned for the next give-away.

  4. Duck Murray says:


  5. It would be great to see the Zombies, especially since I’ve never seen them. It’s the Time Of the Season.

  6. Dearr, dear Mr Sanford,
    Please select me and my wife to attend this here show. It’s going to be a blast and I will be sure to wear my party pants.

  7. if i don’t win, I’ll not be there!

  8. I’d love to see that show!

  9. Groovy! I wanna go!!

  10. Dave Finsel says:

    Pick me! Me and these guys went to different schools together!

  11. Yeah free zombie tickets!

  12. I would love some Tickets!!

  13. sound system massive says:

    Where Do Zombies Come From?
    There is a great deal of confusion about how one becomes a zombie. The only way to become a zombie is by being bitten by a zombie. Every year, however, thousands of Americans are misdiagnosed as zombies. The Center for Disease Control attributes the majority of these cases to overexposure to infomercials. The Center also states that false-positive zombie reports tend to increase every four years in conjunction with presidential debates.

  14. They are amazing in concert. If it were something like CCR without Fogerty, I’d be concerned, but Rod & Colin are the living Zombies

  15. Would love to bring my sister to the orange peel tomorrow when she gets in town to see the zombies!

  16. Is he rich like me?

  17. Just saw The Zombies last week on the Moody Blues Cruise. They are UH-MAZING… class musicians. Would love to receive some free tix to see them again . TY!!!

  18. Insert witty banter about wanting tickets here.

  19. Last time I saw them was 1966! ;O)

  20. I’m willing to risk having my brains eaten to go to this show 🙂

  21. Would love to see this show!

  22. Tell it to me slowly…that I have qualified for tickets!

  23. Ooo! Enter me please!

  24. Cool!

  25. Valerie Bennett says:

    The tickets would be nice

  26. I want them there tickets.

  27. Psyched!!!

  28. Yes, please.

  29. i deserve a ticket, just because

  30. Zombie madness!

  31. Yes, please!

  32. Odyssey & Oracle is one of my favorite albums! This Will Be Our Year, as long as I win tickets!

  33. What’s your name? Who’s your daddy?

  34. Enter me please!

  35. it the time of the season for a ticket

  36. Well no one told me about her!

  37. I would love to go !

  38. only time will tell

  39. I’m about to leave Asheville for the summer and I really, really want this to be my last concert at the Peel before I hit the road.

    Please, please let me win tickets to this show. Love the Zombies.

  40. I’m about to leave Asheville for the summer and I really, really want this to be my last concert at the Peel before I hit the road.

    Please, please let me win tickets to this show. Love the Zombies.

    “But if you need a reason
    I’ll give one to you
    Oh, yeah, you make me feel good”

  41. How many more first-generation British Invasion bands are going to come through Asheville? And with two, count ’em, two original members? Seriously, though, I’m glad they’re still around.

  42. Anna Lee Rea says:

    I wanna win!

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