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Stu Helm’s #PositiveLists: 5 Reasons Not to Hate the World Today

Stu Helm’s #PositiveLists: 5 Reasons Not to Hate the World Today

Let’s do one of those #PositiveLists! I know I usually write about food, but last Spring a friend of mine (Hi Megan!) told me that she had heard that making positive lists improved one’s overall well-being. I’m already known among my Facebook friends for posting lists of everything from the number of fruiting trees in my yard, to the many[Read More…]

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Haha AVL: Two new bloggers help us laugh at Asheville

Two new bloggers on the Asheville cyberspace scene show us the funny side of life in ol’ Ashvegas, and tonight, the identity of one of writers is set to be revealed. The Tumblr “whatshouldavlcallme” has had people rolling for the past couple of weeks with funny headlines and the animated gifs to match. Check it out. Also follow on Twitter[Read More…]

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Asheville video, ‘Sh*t New Age Guy Says’, goes viral

The video that sends up New Age sensitive guys has racked up tens of thousands of YouTube hits the past couple of days. Background from Mountain Xpress: Local musician and comedian Jeffrey Hyde Thompson stars in this spoof. The video takes its cues from the popular “shit various people say” formats, which all started with the hilarious Shit My Day Says, a Twitter[Read More…]

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