waffle_house_2013Is Waffle House moving into downtown? Thats the rumor swirling as work continues to transform the former Windsor hotel property on Broadway Street into new upstairs condos and street level retail space. I recently talked with one of the owner/developers, Brett Krueger, who told me that interest is high in the space and that it has been shown to many prospects. (Several months ago, the hot rumor was that Chipotle was going in there. More background on the Windsor here.)

Krueger told me there had been no decisions made about tenant. He said he does, indeed, want a restaurant tenant in the space that was once home to the venerable Hearn’s Bicycle shop. He also said he wants a tenant that fits with the downtown vibe.

It seems unlikely to me that a Waffle House would come downtown. We’ll wait and see.

Image link for Waffle House sign.


  1. Thank goodness we will not have another Waffle House downtown. One City Hall is enough.

  2. Doesn’t anyone know when someone is pulling your leg anymore? There won’t be a Waffle House in this space people.

  3. No one else is serving 24 hour breakfast downtown.

  4. I heard it was going to be one of the new Walmart Express stores.

  5. Burns Aldridge says:

    I am the listing agent and this is not true…There was major interest from Waffle House but the owners didn’t feel like it was a fit for downtown.

  6. Uh, a Waffle House? This can’t be serious. Is a Dollar General going in next door too?

  7. Vlad Emrick says:

    It’s August 1, not April 1.

  8. You’d have to sell a lot of waffles (or burritos, or cupcakes, or whatevers) to cover $24/sf in rent. That’s downtown prime real estate. http://www.beverly-hanks.com/search/detail/530064

  9. I heard it was going to be a Chipotle and Waffles

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