cotton_mill_april_2013The nonprofit RiverLink says the remains of the old Cotton Mill will soon be demolished. From its newsletter:

Speaking of history, another river icon is coming down over the next few weeks. We have signed a demolition contract with DH Griffin Company to demolish the remains of the most recent arson at the Cotton Mill. Needless to say demolition was not in our budget so any contributions towards this much unexpected event are much welcomed.

The arson at the Cotton Mill happened in early April. Soon after, two arson fires were set on the property owned by New Belgium Brewing, where the company is building its new East Coast brewery.

The announcement of the demolition of the old Cotton Mill property comes just a couple of months after the city of Asheville paid to have the old ice house building in the River Arts District torn down. The vacant building was the site of a homicide late last year. It was well known for its graffiti.

All in all, a lot of changes this year for the old River Arts District.

Image link for Cotton Mill fire of April 2013.



  1. Jonathan Wainscott says:

    You should report on the number of Karen Cragnolin’s properties that have been attacked by arsonists.

  2. Concerned says:

    I think Riverlink needs to be investigated and audited. The Historical society gave them that building for $1 and they didn’t put $1 into fixing it up or protecting it over the past 20 years. Now they want money to demolish it

  3. Jonathan Wainscott says:

    Wowie zowie. Didn’t Riverlink get an “unexpected” gift of $50, 000 from New Belgium? Why do anything with the money? If Riverlink would actually clean up the river then they couldn’t beg for more money to clean up the river.

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