secession_2013From Reddit Asheville:

Given that the crazies have control of the state, i’m thinking we should just secede. Asheville and all parts west. We can call it West Carolina.

The post has generated some good comments, some silly, some not so. What do you think? Should we just create our own independent territory? It’s been done before in these parts. Check out the State of Franklin.

Image link for secession.


  1. I’m in, but only if there’s war and bloodshed.

  2. Secession and nullification are a fool’s paradise.

  3. The State of Franklin is a poor example to follow. As soon as it was “established”, it was declared null and void by NC and congress. So go ahead, secede. Then just like last time, the feds can invade, throw the leaders in jail (or kill them), then occupy (for REAL occupy this time, with armed troops, not clueless hippies) and manage the town from Washington. I’m game.

  4. i’m in.

  5. Sounds like a great idea. Run everything exactly the same without being aligned with the folks in Raleigh that still think the world is flat.

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