Here’s a look at the latest downtown Asheville hotel proposal working its way through city advisory/regulatory bodies.

The location is 192 Haywood Street, at the former location of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department and right across the street from the new Hyatt Place that opened this spring. The working name is “Haywood Street Hotel,” but word on the street is that this new hotel will be flagged as an Embassy Suites.

The plan is for 185 rooms, a parking deck and a rooftop bar.

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  1. oh-thank-the-gods-i-don’t-know-how-we’ve-survived-it’s-been-at-least-72-hours-since-the-last-new-hotel-was-announced-oh-damn-room-rates-are-still-going-up-we’d-better-build-another-10-hotels-and-i-mean-fast-what-were-we-thinking-theres-a-glut-of-hotel-rooms-and-room-rates-are-falling-we’d-better-advertise-the-shit-out-of-this-town-maybe-another-top-ten-list-maybe-another-few-fake-celebrity-sightings-big-six-figure-salaries-bonuses-and-profit-sharing-to-any-and-all-who-can-think-of-a-way-to-bring-more-tourists-to-fill-this-hotel-room-glut-oh-its-filled-great-lets-build-more-hotels

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