Ashvegas is launching a new feature today called “Ask the Sex Coach.” I can hear the response alreay put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

This advice column is aimed at doing two things: giving people some good solid advice, and helping a good friend launch her new business.

DiAnna Ritola is the “sex coach,” and she’s just started a new counseling business called Authentic Integration. She’s smart, witty and one helluva good listener. She can talk on a variety of issues, and she’s here to help.

What’s next? We need your questions about sex and fulfillment. What’s on your mind? Leave a question in the comment section on this post, or go to DiAnna’s web site and email her there. We’ll keep you confidential, we’ll keep the questions mature and the answers fun and succinct. We want a great discussion, not some towel-popping locker room silliness.

Here goes DiAnna:

Youre a WHAT?!

Thats the response I get from many people when I tell them that I am a sex coach. Most people arent quite sure what a sex coach is, or does. Some folks ask if sex coaching is like being a sex surrogate, or a sex therapist.

I am neither a sex surrogate nor a sex therapist. A sex surrogate works in collaboration with a sex therapist or a sex coach to assist a client in experiencing or practicing what he is working on in the sessions. (I say he because most sex surrogates are women who work primarily with men.) A sex therapist has specialized training to work with past sexual issues or traumas.

I am a sex coach. I use proven coaching techniques in a sexological perspective with adults and teens of all genders and couples of any sexual orientation, either in person or on the phone, to overcome issues and enhance sexual enjoyment in the present. I focus on the role of sex (both solo and with a partner) in the lives of my clients. How do you feel about sex like videos from websites to tube videos hd xxx? What is holding you back from experiencing the full joy that sexuality can bring to your life? Some like to use sex dolls and that’s ok, you can get started with this guide I hear that hentai sex dolls are super cute, if you’re into that it is worth exploring. How do you want to work with those blocks, and how can I help you to learn and celebrate the pleasure of sexual expression? This is my passion.

How can I help you?


  1. For the record – Republicans do it better.

  2. Like my favorite T-shirt says:
    "I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look."

  3. One would think a degree from Chapel Hill would better quality someone for this enterprise than a UNCA sheepskin. Sex tips from UNCA? I don’t think so.

  4. I have a B.A. in psychology also. Guess i’ll just borrow the whistle and clipboard.

  5. ". . .One would presume she has qualifications (aside from her photo) worthy of listing in an announcement. . . .’

    According to her Web site, she has a B.A. in psychology from UNC Asheville.

  6. I’ve been thinking about starting up something like that. I’ve already got a whistle and a clipboard. I’m going shopping for a megaphone. Be right back…

  7. Biff, check out her web site for detail.

  8. One would presume she has qualifications (aside from her photo) worthy of listing in an announcement.

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