Here’s a note from loyal reader Rick:

Hey Jason,

Loyal reader Rick here to say that he happened to be waiting in line with his son at 12 Bones when they rerouted the line, the police shut down the streets, and lots of black SUVs rolled up.  Out piled lots of guys in suits with earpieces, followed by the Barack and Michelle (we’re on first name basis now, having lunched together).  Darn the luck, we would have been the next through the door when they put the ropes up to keep the commoners out.  A long wait for our lunch as a result but O did the meet and greet with everyone and obviously has great taste in smoked food.  And we got to shake the royal hands as they were leaving.

The circus has arrived in town!



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  2. its an honor to have him here in Asheville, despite your party, you gotta respect the man!

  3. How lucky you are! And what a fantastic thing for your son. I am sure it was worth the delay in your BBQ lunch.

  4. karen cragnolin says:

    we saw him again! RiverLink owns the Warehouse Studios across the street and this is twice we have had Obama in the neighborhood – we are putting pictures on our web that we took of him and the group but it may not be until Monday because we are slammed getting ready for our earth day celebration tomorrow at Carrier Park

  5. Bill Larimore says:

    I decided to take the Parkway home from work in Weaverville to miss the traffic on Medrrimon. Got onto the Parkway at Ox Creek Road and lo and behold there is the black Suburbans, the Secret Service, the ambulance, and police out in full force. The President was taking a short hike on the Parkway

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