The historic Leader  Building in downtown Asheville has been sold. The building has been home to Studio Five Imports the last seven years. The business had an eclectic collection of furniture, rugs, Marilyn Monroe prints and World War II-era clothing.

On Tuesday, the proprietor, Paul Prete,  was selling everything at 70 percent off. He said Tuesday may be his last day in business. The Leader Building is located between Salsa’s and A Dancer’s Place on Patton Avenue near Pack Square.

Prete says he is in the process of selling the building, adding that he has knocked $800,000 off the price to sell it. He said one potential buyer is considering putting a restaurant in on the street level and doing condos on the upstairs level.

More to come.


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  2. At one point it was supposed to be a UNC-A downtown arts facility – but that never happened either. I’m always surprised by what makes it there – it really is a fantastic space in the heart of downtown, lots of potential.

    • Are you not confusing this building with the old Penny’s store (no longer standing), which Chancellor Mullen wanted to turn into the Epicenter?

      • My bad, you’re right. I was in some of the preliminary talks at that time and they looked at the Leader but settled on the old Penny’s building – which never came to be.

  3. Ashevillelokel says:

    That spot is PRIMO real estate … I remember it was a drug store in the olde days … and then a spa spent oodles to reno but then it didn’t happen … can’t wait for the new business!

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