Here’s the info about The Admiral’s late-night menu, from a review in Bold Life. I added the part about the restaurant being the best in Asheville. Because it is.

Fortunately for night owls, the Admiral has recently expanded the menu to include late night grub that runs the gamut from simple to decidedly gourmet, though owner Drew Wallace describes the selection as “a little more bar comfort-food oriented.” The menu is available until 1:30am, which Wallace says draws a lot of service industry folks who tend to work late hours. Late night at the Admiral, diners can choose from snacky items like truffled popcorn and deviled eggs or heavier fare like Kobe burgers or bucatini carbonara. In the mood for something special? Sweetbreads and oysters were recent items on the late night menu, which Wallace says changes almost daily.


  1. I have never experienced a problem with the admiral. Excellent food, knowledgable servers, and a creative menu make for one of the best restaurants in asheville. I know they do a switch between dinner and late night bar menu, that’s when they stop doing table service. You were probably waiting for someone to take care of you when you could have gone up to the bar. Better luck next time bc its worth another try.

  2. The admiral is NOT kow for their service, at all. Sorry dude, you simply didn’t look the part. They have good food, though. However, to me, eating out is a total experience, not just how the food tastes when it finally makes it to your table. The only thing the Admiral has going for it is back-of-the-house, and that ain’t sayin much because they are slooooowww as molasses. Sure, the cooks care about the food, but the don’t give a damn about preparing it for you. They probably have excellent dinners at their homes, and probably better service,too.

  3. I went there the night of the xmas Jam at 935….my friend and I got utterly ignored until 950, when we were told that food ceased being served at 930….i really cant stress just how ignored we were…it was very maddening, as i’ve been wanting to try this place for a while…and it wasnt even busy..there were 3 tables open. The worst customer service I’ve experienced in a long time.

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