It’s true. Rug and Home gal Jamie Simpson, whom we’ve fawned over for some time now, has gone off and gotten hitched. Loyal reader BMac confirmed it for us by locating Simpson’s MySpace page and spotting pictures of Jamie at the altar with some curly headed freak.
Jamie, we loved you the best we knew how. We put up with your incessant cajoling with the rugs. We admired your unceasing optimism as you tried to sell us cars and God knows what else. We adored that football photo shoot you did for the Link – you in muscle shirts and clutching that damn football.

We’ve always been here for you, Jamie. And what did we get for it? You went off – over the holidays no less! – and got married to some fuzzhead. Dammit, Jamie. He’s not good enough for you.

Even though you’ve ignored us, we’re going to be the bigger person here. We’re going to take the high road and wish you health and happiness and all the best.

Just don’t ever, ever expect us to buy a frackin’ rug.


  1. In 10 years he will be bald as a cue ball. I hope she married for money.

  2. RICK FOSHIE says:


  3. Congrats to them!! I used to live beside Jeremy in Canton, GA and Jamie used to do my hair. They are both sweet people. 🙂

  4. Jamie:

    I am the last to learn. My morning wake up calls will never be the same. Good luck girl.

  5. Kittie Danger says:

    Isn’t that the dude from the free credit report .com commercials? Is she the dream girl who defected on some ‘ol credit card??? lol

  6. WHY would anyone think this unkempt dude was cute? Beyond me.

  7. Way to go Jamie! He IS cute. I thought she’d go for a ‘Suit’. So cool that she blogged-mailed you. It’s about damn time!

  8. Apparently hubby’s in a band called Georgia. He’s originally from the heart of Levy County, FL, (home of 940 WLQH — White Loves Quarter Horses), from whence came one of my college roommates and my second serious girlfriend (though not one and the same). Not that you give a frack about that, but what’s a blog (even someone else’s) for, if not to share too much personal information?

  9. Thanks for the laugh, Syntax.

  10. i wonder if she walked down the aisle backwards…

  11. He’s cute! Who knew she’d go for a hippie dude?

    It’s okay, Ash, at least Andie hasn’t gone and gotten married again.

  12. Ron from H'ville says:

    I understand the couple is registered at Rug & Home.

    At least she didn’t up and marry some old guy (I can say that, I’m almost an old guy myself).

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