2011 Go Topless rally photo by Clark Mackey of Image Asheville: Rally organizer Livienne Love

According to GoTopless.org, looks like the controversial rally for toplessness is back and planned for Women’s Equality Day, August 26, at 1 p.m. in Pack Square.

Last year’s organizers planned an event protesting women’s lack of a right to appear topless. When they found out women can legally go topless in Asheville, the protest was changed to increase awareness of women’s right to appear topless.

The Asheville events are arguably also raising awareness for the Raelian Church, a religion that teaches that human beings were created by aliens. An SF Weekly blog post alleges that the whole series of nationwide protests in 2011 were Raelism publicity stunts. (Look closely at the sign the woman is holding in the image above–click to enlarge the photo.)


Go Topless Asheville: Sunday’s rally and what the online world had to say

National Go Topless Day (aka: Boobfest)

Asheville Go Topless Rally



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  2. Dumpower makes a mountain out of a molehill(no pun intended).And,wow,i don’t think anyone is going to get rich with his payoffs for not going topless.Is anyone for sure that he is a well educated person?

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