Haywood/Brevard Road-area residents heard a big boom last night. Didn’t sound like a transformer or the crash of connecting boxcars. (There were also reports of a transformer being hit in the Farmer’s Market area, but the louder boom seems to be unrelated.)

Facebook reportsĀ a small crater on Hudson Street near Yale Avenue.

From resident Edward Maglott on Facebook:

there’s a divot in the earth on the side of the road, about 6-8″ diameter, 3-4″ deep, grass and dirt blown away from it. There was a flash and lots of smoke, nobody saw a car.

another officer on radio speculating a gas line or underground electric. smelled like gunpowder to me

Discussion thread from West Asheville Watch here.

Brief Mountain Xpress mention here: Mysterious explosion in West Asheville


  1. An M-80 would do that.

  2. Small piece of meteor the size of a pebble would do that…

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