Kathleen_Hahn_Asheville_danceclub_2015Kathleen Hahn left Asheville a year ago to study dance in New York. Now she’s planning a return, and she’s launched a crowd-funding campaign seeking $25,000 to open a new dance studio here in Asheville. Here’s her press release:

I’m spreading the word far and wide that after living in NYC for the last year to study dance I’ve decided to move back to Asheville, NC to open up my dream dance studio, DANCECLUB which will also be the home of I Do Dances, my wedding business. I’m very excited!

At the end of January I will be moving back to open a part pole dancing part other types of dance styles similar to what I was teaching before in Asheville.

I would love for you to check out my crowd funding campaign even if you’re not able to help financially just to learn more about my idea and my plans for Asheville!
I am extremely grateful for any support you can give. Please pass this along to any lovers of dance or people you think would share interest! I can’t wait to share my love for dance with Asheville again. I have missed the community very much!

My Indiegogo campaign.


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