From the website of Blue Ridge Premier Medicine:

Blue Ridge Premier Medicine is a unique, limited, concierge, internal medicine practice serving Asheville, NC and the surrounding region with personalized health care from physicians dedicated to optimizing your health and wellness.

Each patient has a readily available personal physician who takes a proactive approach to their healthcare, focusing extensive time on early disease detection, risk reduction, diet, fitness and other wellness needs. Concierge medicine is an entirely different approach to medical care today. By limiting the number of patients, your personal physician is able to give you the close, thorough, timely attention you need to maximize your health. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your doctor is readily accessible and has taken the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition is invaluable.


  1. Sir Edgar Vanderbum says:

    Wonderful. Now I will not have to use physician that has touched a commoner.

  2. Peace is better says:

    I thought this job description applied to all doctors whether premier or ordinary, sounds like a class appeal to me. Time to figure out a better, cheaper way to deliver a doctor with this service. Brain surgery is different and maybe serviceable as a learned skill with a highly trained mechanic and expert specialist. The future is possible if the aspirations of the people of the planet are respected and included.

  3. Great. We have 40-50 million Americans without health insurance, and rather than find solutions for us all, we lavish medical services on the rich. Do they have valet parking, too? The gap between the rich and poor is growing, and we are rapidly becoming a third world country.

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