Colbert_hybridsStephen Colbert on The Colbert Report last night used a bit of WLOS video as part of a bit making fun of North Carolina’s proposed hybrid car tax. State lawmakers are considering the following: owners of hybrids, which use gas but also have an electric engine, would pay a $50 annual registration fee. Electric car owners would pay $100. The lawmakers say the fees are justified because electric and hybrid owners still use public roads but pay less in taxes because they use less fuel, which carries a tax for road repairs.

Watch the video starting at the 2:20 mark for the segment. From the bit, here’s Colbert’s reaction to the proposed tax:

“Thank God. I┬ásay it is high time to punish the eco-dweebs. They should be buying gasoline whether they need it or not… In fact, I think North Carolina should go after all freeloader transportation that uses public roads but doesn’t pay into the system. Pedestrians should be hit with a walking tax. Bicyclists should be hit with a bicycle tax. And unicyclists should just be hit.”

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  1. Jees, don’t give ’em any ideas!

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