Club Metropolis held its grand opening last weekend. The joint appears to be the former Club 828, which shut down suddenly last year. Anyone got any details?



  1. Hey Jason — I’ve got the scoop on Metropolis – helping w/ SM as of literally yesterday. Shoot me an email or DM @saraneedham

  2. The Santas greatly enjoyed Metropolis late Saturday. It’s down these stairs under Club Hairspray. It’s all black in there with cool little lasers on the dance floor and on the people. There’s also a skinny dance balcony over the dance floor on a 3 sides. They have a dark, divey bar on the floor to the left of the stage. The DJ was SUPER SKILLED and there was a hypnotizing young lady performing a BEAUTIFUL dance up there with crazy lights outlining her. The right side door opens to a fenced in smoking area facing the FBI building. (Hey Santa! They’re lookin’ at YOU!!)

    Again, that DJ was the SHIT. Absolutely amazing techno. He could carve sound around the negative space of a note. (Yes.)

    Metropolis was definitely a highlight of Santacon. Impressive.

    Sign up for a membership at the door. I don’t exactly remember, but I think it was free(?)

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