Here’s this year’s list of projects seeking funding from the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority’s 2016 Tourism Product Development Fund. A new Buncombe County aquatic center, renovations and an expansion of Asheville Community Theatre and a Black Mountain greenway are among the big projects seeking funding.

The biggest project is a request from the City of Asheville for $20 million to be paid over seven years for the development of the South Slope. The Mountain Xpress has a detailed explanation of the funding request here, one that would include everything from pedestrian and bicycle pathways to a new South Slope parking deck.

The TPDF is funded by one-and-a-half percent occupancy tax on paid lodging in the county. (Visitors who stay in paid lodging in Buncombe County pay a 6 percent occupancy tax in addition to the 7 percent sales tax for a total tax of 13 percent on paid accommodations in Buncombe County, according to the TDA. Each year, Buncombe County sees 3.3 million overnight guests.) The projects that get funded must show that they “can generate substantial new and incremental room nights, and, therefore, increase the economic impact on the community,” according to the TDA. Since the fund’s inception in 2001, $23 million has been awarded to 27 community projects.

(Here’s the list of the six project that were awarded Tourism Product Development Fund cash last year, in the amount of $3.9 million. Greenways, soccer fields and the WNC Nature Center were among the big winners.)

Here’s the list by organization/project/amount requested:

Asheville Area Arts Council
The Refinery Creator Space

AMOS (Colburn Earth Science Museum)
Science in the Spotlight

Asheville Community Theatre
Theatre Expansion & Renovation Project

Asheville Taxi, LLC
Asheville Taxi Co.

Buncombe County Schools
Buncombe County Aquatic Center

Buncombe County Recreation Services
Lake Julian Park Interactive Children’s Playground

Buncombe County Recreation Services
Hominy Creek Greenway/Buncombe County Sports Park Pedestrian Bridge

Black Mountain (Town of)
Black Mountain Riverwalk Greenway Phase II

Center for Craft, Creativity & Design, Inc.
The Hive AVL Conference & Event Venue

Image link for The Hive AVL

City of Asheville/U.S. Cellular Center Theatre Creation and Meeting Room Conversion

Montreat College
Pulliam Stadium-Phase II

NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
WNC Farmers Market – Master Plan Implementation/ Retail Area

Pack Place Performing Arts
The Wortham Center


Major Works Request:

City of Asheville
South Slope Enhancements – Development of an Innovation District
$20,000,000 over 7 years



  1. Asheville City Council Districts Map

    Asheville City Council District Elections Timeline

    • Nice gerrymander you have there, Mr Smug.

      Keep on shillin’!

      • Senate Bill 897 passed easily in the Senate. Should go before the House at 7:30p.

        • Congrats on your team of slimy pricks overriding the will of the people.

          I love that you’re so proud of their gerrymander. You’re such a sycophant, it’s kinda cute. You’re like a little puppy.

          • The House did not add District Elections to their calendar last night. Look for it today. It should sail through and local bills do not need the governor’s signature to become law.

        • Senate Bill 897 passed easily in the Senate. Should go before the House at 7:30p.

          Wrong again. Maybe you should clean the smug out of your eyes.

          • The General Assembly will be in session another week after this. Plenty of time, my friend, plenty of time. LOL. I’ll be listening in today.

          • You do that, Hate Boy.

          • SB897 is currently in House Rules Committee, chaired by Rep. Lewis. Lewis will probably move the bill out of Rules and onto the floor for a vote ASAP. After a House vote, SB897 becomes law. Rules meets right after the today’s House session.

            See you later, big boy.

          • Congrats on your masters’ gerrymander. Go get your biscuit!

          • “Go get your biscuit!”

            Trolls prefer mutton.

          • Now it looks like the legislature will push to get out by Saturday. Anything could happen.

            Keep watching, Barry. You too, Chris. Who’s up for a beer?

          • Thought you preferred Scotch.

          • The House Rules Committee will take up SB897 today, now. Then it’s on to the House Floor.

          • House rules committee adjourns without taking action on #asheville district bill. Expected to meet tomorrow, but not at original 8:30 time

          • Holy Faceplant, Hate Boy – wrong again.

            “House rules committee adjourns without taking action on #asheville district bill.”

          • Will I be wrong tomorrow, Barry?

          • Oh, my. Wrong, wrong, wrong, Barry. Look:

            WCQS Public Radio @wcqs * 5:28 PM – 28 Jun 2016
            House rules committee audio streaming at… Committee 2 hear #Asheville districts bill #avlnews #wncnews #wnc #avlgov

            Was WCQS wrong or did the committee change plans. Hmmm? Barry? You pathetic bumpkin.

          • Look, Barry! The Rules Committee meeting is canceled. They was wrong.

            Today, Wednesday, June 29, 2016
            8:30 AM Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the — CANCELLED (House)

          • You (YOU?) calling someone a bumpkin? You calling someone pathetic? Man, you need to engage in some serious self-reflection. Have another Scotch and ruminate, Mr. Smug.

          • SB897:
            Removed from Rules
            Re-ref Com On Elections

          • What a bunch of horrible oafs.

          • That’s a terrible thing to say about the House Rules Committee.

          • Besides, “bumpkin” is an insult for someone from the countryside. That makes you both an Atlanta, big-city elitist, and wrong again. I grew up in a suburb of a large midwestern city. Living 10 feet outside Asheville is as close to “countryside” as I’ve ever gotten.

            I wonder if the Elections Committee will even let Rep. Susan Fisher speak when they meet tomorrow at 8:30. Doubtful…

          • House Elections Committee meets Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 8:30a in 544 LOB to discuss SB897: Asheville City Council Districts. Sponsor: Senator Apodaca.

            Or maybe I’m wrong.

          • “will even let Rep. Susan Fisher speak”

            I hope so. Every time Fisher opens her pie hole SB897 gains support.

          • You progressives can listen to the live audio stream beginning at 8:30 am at


          • Thanks, Atlanta big-city elitist.

          • I think that’s Ft. Worth. By way of Atlanta.

          • Oh no.

            Bill passes 17 to 9 #avlnews #Asheville

          • What?!

            NC House Elections Cmte passes #Asheville council districts bill on 17-9 vote. Goes next to House floor. #avlnews #avlgov #ncpol #ncga

          • Still here, hijacking threads for cash, you shill?

            Congrats on your gerrymander, you lugubrious sh*tpile. You must have a permanent boner just thinking about how your cadre of doofuses is overriding the will of the people.

            BTW, a letter writer to the MX cleanly and easily shoots down this whole idea that redistricting “increases democracy” as you’re so fond of saying.

            But have another Scotch, Mr. Smug. It’s not even noon yet.

          • Oops.

            Status: SB897: 06/30/2016, House, Calendared Pursuant Rule 36(b)

          • HO– — USE CALENDAR
            176th Legislative Day
            Friday, July 1, 2016
            House Convenes at 11:00 A.M.
            SB 897 Committee Substitute – Apodaca
            ASHEVILLE CITY COUNCIL DISTRICTS. (Elections) (2nd Edition)

    • “I have been asked to allow a referendum on this plan. I will not. And there’s a simple reason why. If Asheville were allowed a referendum, I have no doubt that the current Council would work to defeat it.” Sen. Apodaca, on the Senate floor.

      Apodaca is openly saying that he doesn’t want the voters to decide this, because he’s afraid they won’t decide it the way he wants. These people really hate democracy.

      • Oh, Mr. Summers Eve. It is the progressive elite that do not want to introduce a measure of democracy in Asheville elections. They could have, you know. But that’s what we’ll get with District Elections. Each district will be guaranteed a seat in city leadership. That’s a good thing. Thanks, Mr. Raleigh.

        • Except, of course they’re gerrymandering the hell out of the city to kick a couple of existing council members out of their seats, subverting the will of the voters. Democracy? Bullsh*t. Pathetic, vindictive power grab by those who can’t get elected on their merits. People like you, Tim.

        • Asheville already has democracy in its elections. It’s just that the electorate has repeatedly rejected the out-of-step, out-of-touch, troglodyte, rich-man’s-puppets for candidates that Republicans always put forward. Peckerwood knows this, but can’t help but lie about it because lying is typical of his ilk, and is their stock in trade.

  2. $20 million seems like a lot, even including a parking deck…. wow! It would be interesting to see how those plans stack up against completed infrastructure projects in the RAD, WVL and downtown.

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