Bele Chere broke, busted and disgusted
Bring it on, Bele Chere. I’m ready. Ready for the hellfire and damnation of it all. For the funnel cakeness and drunkenness. For the debauch and butt crack. For the musicality and mania. I want it all, washing over me like a great flood of feeling.

And o, by the way, Ashvegas will be, for the first time ever, presenting T-shirts! Yes — official Ashvegas T-shirts, not those cheap rip-offs with the classic sign and all.

To show you said T-shirts, I need some sexy models. Or just any models. Current working T-shirt taglines:

“Ashvegas T-shirts. Looks good on a bum. Better on you.” (Bum wearing a tee)

“Ashvegas T-Shirts. When you say nothing, you say it all.” (Mumpower wearing a tee)

“Ashvegas T-shirts. Russ Bowen never looked so good.” (Russ wearing a tee)

“Ashvegas T-shirts. Because you’re hot and you know it.” (hottie wearing a tee)

Whaddya think?

Anyway, look for me on the streets of Ashvegas during Bele Chere. I’ll be selling the shirts for a festival special price of $10. Yep, a sawbuck will get you unlimited coolness. Prices go up after that!


  1. Frank, awesome! yes, you’d be great!

  2. Jason,

    I’m in! You know what I look like, so I’m sure you can come up with something!

    "Cover your sleeves with these sleeves!" lol!

    I’ll be there friday shooting Nikki Talley, so I’ll stop on by. I’ll try to get some of my friends also, not sure when I’m hooking up with them yet…


  3. Thanks, Dad!

  4. I’ll take one. The check is in the mail.

  5. The Debauch and the Butt Crack.... says:

    ….signifying nothing….

    You’re a genius!

  6. You should photoshop your shirt onto the unlucky chap being arrested.

  7. You should photoshop your shirt onto the unlucky chap being arrested in your next post.

  8. "the debauch and butt crack"

    LOLOLOL. Shame we lost the "best blog entry" category. Because a phrase like this CANNOT BE DENIED.

    "I need some sexy models. Or just any models."

    Will be laughing all day on the power of this blog entry…

  9. Good one, Catnap!
    Glad you liked that turn, arratik.

    to the rest interested in T-shirts: yes, i want you guys to see them! that’s why i need a model. gimme some ideas on hot models, and i’ll take care of the rest.

    Jaason, look for me around the Mountain X booth on Friday afternoon.

  10. When and where will you be with those shirts?


  11. Hey Ash ~ Can we see that lovely T? Before I mentally commit to parting with my hard-earned tenner, I gotta lay eyes on the goods. ~ Jeff

  12. Cover up your boil with a T-shirt (John Boyle wearing an Ashvegas shirt).

  13. "the debauch and butt crack."

    There’s a band name if I’ve ever seen one. At the very least a song title. 🙂

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