danny_mcbride_kendra_penland_asheville_2015Danny McBride, the movie star, comedian and producer who may be most well-known for his character Kenny Powers, the self-possessed redneck professional baseball player and center of the Eastbound and Down cable TVseries, has been all over Asheville lately. We haven’t seen this much Hollywood celebrity action since last year, when Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig and Jude Law were bounding around downtown.

On Saturday, McBride was hanging out downtown and ended up on the South Slope. I heard that he hit Buxton Hall Barbecue and Burial Beer Co. (That’s him at Burial with new Asheville Brewers Alliance executive director Kendra Penland.)

McBride has also patronized Chai Pani and Mela restaurants (he must like Indian food), as well as Top of the Monk. This past weekend, Adam Charnack, co-owner of Hi-Wire Brewing, told me McBride stopped by his place and bought a bunch of beer and merch. danny_mcbride_hi_wire_brewing_asheville_2015

McBride and fellow actor Josh Brolin are in town for the making of a movie titled Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter.




  1. He hit the Galactic/BootyBand show at Orange Peel last week, too. His crew gets around!

  2. Am I considered a dinosaur if I have no idea who this guy is?

    • Nah, but his HBO show Eastbound & Down his hilarious.

    • Mainstream movies he’s hilarious in: Tropic Thunder, Land of the Lost, Pineapple Express, etc.

    • Also….. although he is from Georgia, he is a long time compatriot of the writer/producer Jody Hill who is from Concord, NC and David Gordon Green who directed All the Real Girls in Bat Cave in the early aughts. Those guys all went to the NC School of the Arts (in W-S)and have been doing projects in and around NC for years.

      …..”The More You Know”….

      • Oh…ok…well I saw Tropic Thunder but simply don’t recall him. Don’t have HBO. So, I guess I’m just out of the loop on this guy. Dinosaur.

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