pax_puppy_2014The Asheville Humane Society is raising money to cover the medical expenses of a stray 9-week old puppy found during this week’s storm. More:

A nine-week-old Lab/Sharpei mix puppy was found, injured and alone in the recent snowstorm. A good Samaritan called Animal Services, who then brought the puppy to Asheville Humane Society. Our medical staff quickly determined that he needed emergency surgery to survive, due to a severe ruptured intestine, and we immediately rushed the puppy to REACH Animal Hospital. The puppy (that we have named Pax, after the snowstorm) had a 50/50 chance of surviving his operation.

Thankfully, Pax survived his surgery and is now being monitored around-the-clock by Asheville Humane Society medical staff for life-threatening infection. We hope this little fighter continues to improve and thrive!

Go here to donate to the Asheville Humane Society to benefit little Pax. Watch the video. Cry a little at the cuteness. Give if you can.



  1. Pax has been giving some Valentine’s Day kisses to Asheville Humane Society medical staff. He is still on the road to recovery and will require a lifetime of special care. We’re very grateful to you for sharing his story!

  2. Thanks for posting about this!

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