Searching for Sugar Man (Sony Pictures Classics)
Searching for Sugar Man
(Sony Pictures Classics)

Earlier this month, Josh Carpenter, Evan Martin, Mark Capon and Kimberly Roney played a gig at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall with Sixto Rodriguez, the musician whose amazing story was the topic of an Oscar-winning documentary last year called Searching for Sugarman.

This isn’t the first time that a group of Asheville musicians have played with Rodriguez. The Detroit musician played the Grey Eagle back in 2009 with some of the same crew as backup. That group also went on a brief tour with Rodriguez. More background here on the Asheville-Rodriguez connection. I love that the connection remains, and I hold out a slim hope that Rodriguez may some day return to play his wonderful music in Asheville again. has a series of great photos posted of the Rodriguez gig featuring the Asheville players. The notice quotes the Huffington Post:

Backed by a band a generation younger than him, Rodriguez seemed comfortable, alive, and perfectly in tune to what was happening and what was around him. It sounded as if his singing has not aged one bit and sounded as pristine as he does on recordings from over 40 years ago.

Check it out. Thanks to loyal reader Kim for the heads-up.

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